The Worm King

Working on a zine of character designs by myself and accompanying stories by my bud Ollie. Here’s our first collaboration. 


Albrecht knew how to tell a story. For years the worm was always at the king’s ear, happily telling worm stories as worms are wont to do. The kingdom prospered and the worm grew large and joyful, filled equally with the king's praise and his treats.

On his 62nd birthday the king was nowhere to be found - he too was full of stories, but not so content. Behind him he left The Edict of the Worm, declaring his advisor the wiser of the two. To lead with stories and tend his throne until he returns, empty of stories and full of riches.

Story by Oliver Kellow ❤️🐛

Ruck Rover Mini Art Mart 2014

Mini Art Mart is a small art display run by my favourite shop in town, currently the only local supplier of the products I occasionally design.

For the entire month of May 2014 some of my recent paintings will be up for sale at what I think are rather affordable prices! (hint)

This is my third mini - exhibition hosted by Ruck Rover, who have been supporting me and collaborating with me since I moved to Australia. Thank you, lovely Ruck Rover crew!

Click on the image below to see the rest! Keep clickin'!

Meet my friends.

Currently in a Light Locker in Perth: finally an opportunity to take my characters out of the studio for the first time in a long while. Abandoning digital designs and returning to very basic materials and aesthetics (initially enforced by a lack of time and money) has brought along the benefits of being able to leisurely develop my arsenal of characters by doodling wherever I am and gradually becoming very fond of these long armed, hairy legged dudes.