Ruck Rover

New Stubby Holders at Ruck Rover

Stubby holders are cylindrical foam receptacles which you might use for the purpose of holding a cold beverage on a hot summer day - drink holders, you might even call them. If you are not from Australia.

This cheerful quartet of booze enthusiasts features two new members and two old acquaintances.

I am proud to say they are back in stock at Ruck Rover General Store, in their online store as well as IRL in Northbridge, WA.

Image by Kristinn Hermanniusson

Ruck Rover Mini Art Mart 2014

Mini Art Mart is a small art display run by my favourite shop in town, currently the only local supplier of the products I occasionally design.

For the entire month of May 2014 some of my recent paintings will be up for sale at what I think are rather affordable prices! (hint)

This is my third mini - exhibition hosted by Ruck Rover, who have been supporting me and collaborating with me since I moved to Australia. Thank you, lovely Ruck Rover crew!

Click on the image below to see the rest! Keep clickin'!