Anna Dunnill

Sticky Pokes

Yesterday Perth based artist and writer Anna Dunnill (of Paper Mountain and Aunty Mabel's Zine Distro) spontaneously tattoed a pencil on my arm.

If you have ever wondered what a fresh stick 'n' poke tattoo looks like, here's a close-up of Anna's work. You can see the individual dots, and the ink stains around them.

In case you were wondering about DIY tattoos - they are time consuming but simple. In this case the tools used were a sterile tattoo needle, black tattoo ink, gloves, rubbing alcohol, water and cotton pads. Nothing too complex. The process itself is slower but a lot more comfortable than using a tattoo gun. For some reason people I spoke to today found this hard to believe. If you happen to be one of these sceptics, think about it this way: for a single poke with a simple needle a tattoo gun will poke you multiple times, causing bleeding and scabbing. Obviously, if you want traditional shading and thick clean lines, motorized tattooing is the way to go - the faster one at least.