Ruck Rover Mini Art Mart 2014

Mini Art Mart is a small art display run by my favourite shop in town, currently the only local supplier of the products I occasionally design.

For the entire month of May 2014 some of my recent paintings will be up for sale at what I think are rather affordable prices! (hint)

This is my third mini - exhibition hosted by Ruck Rover, who have been supporting me and collaborating with me since I moved to Australia. Thank you, lovely Ruck Rover crew!

Click on the image below to see the rest! Keep clickin'!

Meet my friends.

Currently in a Light Locker in Perth: finally an opportunity to take my characters out of the studio for the first time in a long while. Abandoning digital designs and returning to very basic materials and aesthetics (initially enforced by a lack of time and money) has brought along the benefits of being able to leisurely develop my arsenal of characters by doodling wherever I am and gradually becoming very fond of these long armed, hairy legged dudes.