Custom Art

Kitty Cat Man

While I am still currently taking a break from my own creative projects I appear to have taken up the delightful role of low brow art minion with Perth based surf art enigma Fieldey.

When Fieldey first offered me a clunky old coffee table I naturally declined, but as soon as she lured me in with the idea of painting the table top to blow its tackiness through the roof I made the following request: pet portrait of a hairless cat with tattoos.

After two afternoons of breathing paint fumes and eating over-the-fence mandarins this monstrous piece of "art" was born:

"Kitty Cat Man"' June 2013

"Kitty Cat Man"' June 2013

We then transported it to my house and left it in the lounge room to await the return of my unuspecting housemates. The effect was as expected and the table remains in our house, where it has become the best of friends with a multitude of tacky cat pictures and two actual cats, both of which have yet to appreciate its undeniable value.

See Fieldey's blog post for more images and a Tim & Eric video.

Thank you Fieldey, and also thanks to Matt Fieldes and Mitch Low for additional ideas!