Meowvengers Assemble!

This year I am working alongside a small team of Meowvengers to generate content for Meowvember 2017. I will be posting an illustration every Monday for the coming four weeks.


Meowvember is a fundraiser started in 2011 by Perth artist and writer Kate-Anna St Valentine to raise money for her favourite local charity, SAFE Perth. Sadly, we lost Kate-Anna in 2015. Since then her friends have kept Meowvember going in her memory.

This November, Kirsty Jade, Miko Katze, Hayley Beth, Steven James Finch and myself are posting selfies with cats or cat accessories, cat poems and cat illustrations every day.

Follow @meowvembersafe on instagram or facebook or join us by posting your own cat content and tagging it #meowvembersafe or #meowvengers so we can find it!

Donate to SAFE Perth and make sure you mention Meowvember in the comment field.

I have made today's illustration available on a few redbubble items. Of course all takings will be donated to SAFE Perth.